Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scrapzville Swap Buddies!

Hi everyone, hope your having a very spooky Halloween!
Todays craft club was really fun, the origami christmas tree cards proved a bit fiddly but worth the trouble. The Brenda Walton Twisted Peppermint papers are festive but you could use alot of them for other themes aswell.
Ok, here are the names of the swappers.....
Cathy - Ann H
Louise K - Alyson
Felicia - Robyn
Louise R - Clare

And the very vague theme for this month is "Flower Power!" so do what you will with that! I know everyone is excited about this, so i hope you enjoy it. The minis are to reach your partner by the 30th November, and please make them something that you are proud to give and that you would like to receive.
My email address is ftdphoenix at iolfree dot ie send me your address and i'll pass it on to your partner.
Have fun, thankyou so much for joining in,
lots of love,
Felicia. xx

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  1. EXCITED!!! I just checked out the crafty alley and was wondering if ye were getting the Bind It All back in stock soon? Really want to get one but Vibes and Scribes sold their last one and won't re-order them. I refuse to pay the shipping price on these :):):)

    Were you looking for the ATG gun? I found one on for 13 pounds plus a 55m refil tape for 13 pounds. Can't figure out if it is expensive or not?? I suppose they last for ages??

    Also, is what you have on the website the same stock as the shop? As for the K and Co, remember I told you I shopped there in september, well I bought all of the k and co ye had. I have all of the que sera and urban rhapsody, blue awning, amy butler, autumn sheets etc.... I saw the baby papers but they don't really interest me. What other ones do ye stock?

    Oh, did you find the atc blanks by papermania? The offer still stands to send you down one of my packs for you and the girls to work on at the craft club. Just let me know :)

    Louise xx

    Louise xx