Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tick Tock...

My art room needed a clock, I keep loosing track of time in there and since I don't wear a watch a clock was definately needed.
But it had to be a nice clock..... and I couldn't find one I liked but found this instead.
(thank you Tim Holtz!)
And here is what it looked like after some paint, paper, glue, wire, cogs and a mechanism....but it needed something else .....


                                                                        I love it!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Catch up with Lots of photos!!

Hey there, how are you?
An amazing thing has happened here in county Kerry.... Summer!! this doesn't happen every year as you would expect, we have warm rain as opposed to bloody cold rain, but this year? oh my, we have SUNSHINE & HEAT!!!
because of this I have neglected my blog, housework, making dinner in favour of being out and makingt he most of the weather.

In an attempt to catch you up on things here are some photos, in no particular order......

First up, a snippet of next Wednesdays altered clock class -Grunge, Love it!!!

 I caught up with Kate yesterday in Athlone for Create with Kates, Christmas in July. We (Tim, myself and some other climbing friends ) were camping in Doolin Co. Clare so it was a bit of a drive ( in theory much closer than driving from Kerry, but it was like a roller coaster most of the way!) but very worth it! Caught up with lots of lovely crafters, ( Karen, Eve, Sandie, Helen, Caroline, Pat to name a few) met some new friends ( Martina!) I picked up everything we need for the Tim Holtz altered clock class...... all I can say is I loved making this!!

 This was the journal we made in Ballinameela two weeks ago. I got a hold of some genuine vintage music manuscripts, some of them are dated to 1904 - beautiful papers just asking to be made into something pretty!

The tuesday morning classes are fun, not huge but I love having the ladies over to play! Last week was so hot we couldn't go into the garden to work, in fact we could hardly do a thing (we are not used to the heat at all!) so we managed to make some altered pegs... believe me, it was an effort to do this much!
 Last weekend we went to Caherdaniel, West Kerry. This place is close to heaven! We camped, kayaked, walked a bit of the Kerry Way and felt like we were on holidays an hour from home.
 Look at the kayak park! just dump them here, take your paddle and remember which one is yours!
 Some Kerry humour........!
 Look at the colour of that water!!! blue, green, clear!
 What else?
We have been invited to two weddings in two weeks - but they are miles apart so I can wear the same dress! I spent ages looking for one, found this one and then Molly was going to Ladies Day at the races and had nothing to wear (Ha! she has loads of clothes, she meant she had nothing NEW to wear!) so she ended up wearing my dress.  She is much taller than me so it isn't this short, its just above my knee. |It was her19th birthday, isn't she fab? (I know i'm biased!)

And finally, I participated in a swap run by Kate - Karen was my partner and I had to make something that included the letter "M".
I altered a domino box and filled it with altered cloths pegs. It says, "Enjoy adventures, kisses, & Making Magic!" she got it when she came home from hospital after having her arm set in a cast - so I hope it cheered her up a bit. :)
Thats about it, i'm sure I have more news but you must be bored by now.
Another busy week coming up, but will try to post something soon.
By the way, my Mum sold her house and bought another much smaller, brand new, perfect for her one.
Now the great packing/moving must begin!!
Have a great week and send me and ole message or comment if you like!

p.s. is this a record for the amount of exclamation marks used in one post?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What a weekend!

I have to tell you that last weekend was brilliant!
It started bright and early on Saturday in Limerick where I met a group of ladies who had made the effort to travel to the class - thank you for that! we had great fun and great crafty shopping ( the beauty of having Kates shop there is you can keep going back for more!)

Here is Lil with her birdcage album

                               Everyone finished their project and they all looked different!
 Then it was on to Mayo..... the other end of the country, but one good thing that came from the Celtic Tiger was great roads so it didn't take long at all.
We chose a great weekend to be there as the Westport Music Festival was on and the place was jumping!
We had dinner in the Helm Restaurant - if you're ever in Westport eat there, it was beyond delicious!!
Here I am with Kate and Kerry after devouring pineapple and lemon cheesecake (yum!)

 the following day Tim and I took to the hills, the Partry Mountains to be exact - that took care of the cheesecake - Mayo really is a beautiful place.

 Then it was time for the Castlebar class on Monday evening, again a big thank you to everyone who came - you really are a lovely bunch!!
 Here is Helen...
 and Jane....
 and Louise with their finished projects. It was lovely to meet Louise, we've been friends in the blog world for a while, so it was nice to actually meet!
Then it was into the car to drive home - we got back at 1.30am, we really enjoyed the weekend. I hadn't been there before but I will definately be back!!!