Monday, June 24, 2013

What to bring......

Ok, so for Saturdays class   you need to bring:

All the usual things such as:
distress ink and tool / sponge
wet glue
cutting mat and knife
an apron (if you get as messy as me!)
nail file for sanding

plus (if you don't have these things don't worry)

Hot glue gun
Heat tool
Acrylic paint and small paintbrush (or Dabbers or Distress Paint Dabbers) in any pastel colour and gold.
If you want to add photos on the day they need to be printed at passport size or slightly larger.

Again don't worry if you don't have them, its just to save time on the day.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you all!! xxx

Time for a change.......

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hi folks, I have been having awful trouble with blogland for a while now..... I can't open any other blogspots than my own, which means I can't read posts on this computer or leave comments. (this is some glich/bug in my computer, but its been stripped back to basics and its still not so-operating....) Plus, Blogspot will only let me keep track of blogspot blogs (obviously!) but what about all the Wordpress blogs I want to follow?
and since Google Reader is about to disappear (so i'm told by people who are much more computer savvy than myself) i've decided to take the leap over to Bloglovin.

You see that button on the side bar? well if you felt like it, you could click it and folow this blog (though I suspect that no one reads this and its just me waffling on to myself!) and many, many other lovely blogs.

This is all a big experiment, so I shall keep playing and see how I get on.

Have a lovely Monday,
F xx

Monday, June 17, 2013

Finally Finished!

A long time ago, like last October I was handed an envelope full of photos and asked to make a wedding album from it.
The brief was "something unusual"........
and then the fateful words...."there's no hurry"

A word of warning people, you should NEVER tell me there is no hurry, give me a deadline and 99% of the time I will make it , but I am brilliant at putting things off!

The people in the photo are Michael and Miriam, they married in 2005 so obviously they weren't in too much of a hurry to get an album & in my defence I had it made with the exception of the front cover in March, but you know what happened then........

So, they had loads of photos , I made 8 inner pages from black card (it is A4 sized) and bound it with the "stack the deck" system, but I had to modify it to make it strong enough.
Then I made a front and back cover from chipboard, covered it in modpodge and layed tissue paper over the top. This made a lovely crinkled effect. When it dried I sprayed it with Tim Holtz Colorwash in Eggplant, and then made a spray from Luminart Blushing Rose which gave it a lovely pink shimmer ( the colourwash looks a little dull by itself)

I cut the aperture before I sprayed the cover then added the photo - the inside is covered with black card so it all looks tidy. Then I made some paper flowers (which also got sprayed to match) and added some bling, music note paperclips (Miriam is a musician) and a book plate with their wedding date. I used Tim Holtz corners to finish it off and a hitch fastener and black crinkled seam binding as a closure.

I will deliver it today which means 8 years and 4 months after their wedding they will be to show people their wedding photos!!

F xx

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Scrapzville class with Create With Kate.

Are you all enjoying the summer? it was absolutely gorgeous last week but today is raining, blowing a gale and i'm debating lighting the stove at 11.50 am!!!
Having said that, its a great day for a bit of crafting. I have lots of projects on the go.... typical of me I can't just work on one thing till its finished! and yesterday I was tempted to take out some knitting. This happens every summer - I have no idea why, its supposed to be a cosy winter kind of thing, but I always get an urge to knit in the summer!(I have yet to see if I can knit after "That Fateful day" it might be a bit tricky!)

Anyhoo, let me tell you what is coming up in the next while.......

First the Tuesday morning 12x12 Layout classes are great fun! such a lovely group of Ladies, there is always room for another one if you want to come along.

Then, on Saturday 29th June I will be at the South Court Hotel in Limerick. We will be making a "Birdcage" mini album - it will look something like this, but i'm having a hard time choosing the paperline (too many pretty ones you see!) so that will be a surprise on the day!
The best bit about the day will be Kates shop" CREATE WITH KATE"  - a treasure trove of crafting goodness!! we are there from 10-5pm and the cost is €30.
You can book a space by emailing Me or Kate.

Then i'm off to Ballinameela School in Waterford on 6th July for a mixed media class, thats a 10-4pm class and the cost is €30. This is a great venue, it has tonnes of space and all you need to bring is an apron and lunch!

There are two more events before the end of July - CHRISTMAS IN JULY which Kate is hosting in Athlone and  the ARDMORE PATTERN FESTIVAL in co. Waterford - I will get back to you with those details as soon as I have them!

Have a luffly weekend,

Byeeeee! x