Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love these!

I was messing around with my paint box the other day and came up with this...... nothing like I would usually do, but I love these colours together!
Thats it.... short and sweet today!


p.s. - I have just taken over the "Tea & Chat " on the Etsy Ireland blog, so if you're a member of that team and fancy answering some questions then let me know ( I need volunteers!!!!) its a great way to advertise your Etsy shop/blog/youtube.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Dreaming BIG!

Last year I did an online course called Mondo Beyondo, a course that asked you to write a list of your wildest dreams, I mean like, really way out there stuff. It was a brilliant course for me, i've always been a huge daydreamer and had great fun with this. It was like, I MUST find time to daydream today!!!
(As many a school report said...." spends too much time day dreaming" ... )

The thinking behind it was that, how will the universe know what you want unless you put it out there?
There were big and little things on my list and reading back over it now its amazing how many things from it have happened or there have been steps towards them.

So, when I was asked to make a vision board for where I want my art business to go ( I know, I laughed at the thought of it being called a business too, but its ticking along - ) I made this...
It was an old canvas with a half finished, gone wrong painting on it - I painted over it, and put lots of hopes, dreams, and direction on it. I liked the idea of making something pretty out of the canvas that really wasn't!

There are handbags at the bottom, those are because every second woman in Ireland seems to be wearing an Orla Kiely or Fossil handbag...... (I'm a Fossil girl myself...) I love the oilcloth type texture of them and don't see one good reason that they shouldn't have Polly Dollies on them!

So there you have it,

Have a lovely Monday,
F xx

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Warning - total addiction!!!

Well, I resisted a while, I thought "I'll never use it" (just like I said about Twitter - i've sent one Tweet!) but then I got an invite and am now having to seriously ration my time on PINTEREST!!!
I'm still getting the hang of it, apparently I can follow people, well, if you Pin (or is Pinner the proper term?) let me know and I'll add you.

This is like having an endless supply of magazines to browse through, I have collected ideas for my dream home, recipes, quotes and even pictures of hairstyles....... do not look at it unless you have will power and/or lots of free time!

This made me laugh..............

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Work in progress....

A sneeky peak of a new Polly - at the moment she is wearing a pink and white striped top and I've yet to decide what else..... i'll post some more pictures when she is dressed!

Have a lovely day!! x

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Cinderella moment!

This weekend celebrated all the Irish explorers that have been to the South Pole and a black tie ball was held by the Irish Explorers Trust. The seven (yes, seven!!!) course meal was based on the banquet that Captain Scott ate before he set off for Antarctica in 1910.....
Why am I telling you this?well, that was the reason for 60 adventurous explorers and mountaineers to get dollied up and leave there fleeces and base layers at home, and it was quite a sight! more dickie bows then you could shake a stick at!!
This is the beautiful dress that Heni Blak made for me.... i've never worn a full length dress before and it was really fun to dance in!!!

this is Himself all suited up, for a man who complained that he was going to look like a penguin I think he looks pretty good!!!!

So after the eating, the dancing, the laughing and talking we eventually came home in the wee small hours - I have to say its not something that happens every day but it was really fun!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mini Album Class!!!!

This is the album I will be teaching at an amazing little craft shop and gallery Truly Gifted  in Mallow, County Cork. It is run by Majella Spang, a glass artisit and is set in a beautiful old building, the art and crafts that are on display there make a "quick visit" quite impossible!

I was going to make the theme 2011 and do a keepsake mini album for last years photos, but then I found this paper collection - Tilda Winter Garden - and the blues, reds and pinks said, "make us Valentines pleeeeease!!"

The kit contains everything you need to make this album, so if you'd like to come and play then call Majella on 022 57225 to book a place. The class is on Saturday 21st January from 2-4pm. Its going to be fun, fun , fun!!!!!!!!!

This book is really simple to make, if it proves popular then I will hopefully be making more intricate minis for the next class!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday update....

This is Mr. Toby modelling his new jumper, he wouldn't look at the camera! I knitted it with Aran wool on 7mm needles so it was really fast. The pattern was free on Ravelry and is the first thing i've knitted for a full year - that Aran jumper I promised Tim is still just 3" of rib, I just cannot follow that pattern!

Here is Molly modelling the beautiful African 50's collection for Heni Blak - Heni makes amazing clothes, she has combined 1950's style with African prints. Not only does she sell online, but makes couture creations for special events.
I am going to a charity ball this coming weekend and Heni has made me a full length gown..... I haven't seen it yet, but today is the fitting and I am SOOOOOO excited!!!!

I'll post photos of the gown soon!

Friday, January 6, 2012

What do you think?

(This was the only birdie picture I could find!)
I'm thinking about joining the world of Tweets...... will I ever look at it? will I update it? will I waste too much time looking at it? or will I love it and become addicted to Twitter (and still waste too much time)? I don't know how it works, it cant' be that hard can it?

Ebony was tweeted by the editor of Elle magazine after she put up some comment - she just about combusted with excitment! that would be cool, not the editor of Elle, but someone that I admire alot, so maybe I will...... ( I don't not admire the editor, I just don't read it!)

I have come to the realisation that there are only a hand full of people reading this blog - and that is kind of nice, like a little gang of friends. It  also means that I can say exactly what I like because there are few people to upset (you know, if they took agin to my thoughts. )
So, to the few (wonderful) regular friends and readers, thank you for being here!!!!! and if you're new then say hello and you will be in the gang too!!!

These are my ramblings for today, I'm off to the Back Lane Art Gallery now to do my shift in the artists co-op, I love being there, its a very inspiring spot!

Have a great weekend! xxx

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy birthday Ebony!!

When Ebony was 4 she wanted a fairy castle cake for her birthday - which I made from sponge, I cooked the turrets in bean cans so that they would be round........( I obviously had alot of time on my hands!)  and then she asked for a pink castle cake again for her 21st.
While I was out getting candles and bunting I came across a plastic castle and a "my little pony" unicorn and decided to make life easy for myself!

This was the card I made for her, more pink!

and another shot of the famous cake!

 Kirstyn and her mum Paulette travelled from Meath for the party, they are our only family in Ireland - Paulettes mum and my mum were first cousins, I have no idea what that makes them to us, but they're family!

and whats a party without a fake moustache???!

thanks for coming guys, it was a great party, no food left over but just enough cake for breakfast this morning!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Whats your word?

Well, its here, 2012 - we celebrated at home which was cosy, comfortable and lovely. I always feel a bit sad about leaving the last year behind, I have no idea why, I'm an optimistic person, I look forward to the things to come, but I always get a little nostalgic.

2011, was an eventful year in our house, Tim retired, Molly went to Africa, my job came to an end and I took the chance on being "an Artist" (keep saying it and eventually I'll believe it!) & my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer.
Tim is busier than ever, Molly came home safe, and longing to go back, I have sold many "Polly" items at all the craft fairs I attended and made great new friends in the process. My Dad has finished his treatment and later this month we find out what the latest news is (HE WILL BE JUST FINE!!!!)

Every year Melody Ross (an amazingly inspiring women) chooses a word for the year, this year hers is "Sacred"......... I am having trouble deciding what mine should be, it needs to mean, energetic - as in pouring every ounce of energy into everything I do. Thankful - to be thankful for everything I have and that comes along, even the bad stuff that will challenge me to find a way out. Successful - the dream would be to have a licensing contract , to get there many little steps are in place, which leads to me to  my next word - Belief, yes I can do this, it will happen!!!!!!

So, if I can find a single word that means all of the above then that is my word for 2012!!!!

By the way, today is Ebonys 21st birthday, little did I know 21 years ago what an adventure it would be! Thank you Ebony x x x x xx x